Create Volunteer Roles and Track Volunteer Time

A screenshot of the volunteer time entry pageCreate roles for each committee or regular volunteer task so you can track how many hours were spent by your volunteers each year. Volunteers can log time themselves (the form is public and can be sent to volunteers so they can self-report) or you can enter hours from their profile.

Overall volunteer time can be totaled up and exported by using the Volunteer Report.

Store Volunteer Skills and Important Information

A screenshot of the volunteers tab on a donor's profile

Each volunteer has a donor profile created for them (if they’re not already a donor) based on their email address. You can store additional information, such as their emergency contact, special needs, skills, and interests.

Create Signup Forms for Special Events

A screenshot of an event signup pageHave a special event where you need a number of volunteers? You can create a signup form for each role that you need filled. The link to the form can be shared on social media, via your newsletter, and anywhere else.

Certain roles can be set to require approval from you before they are confirmed.

Email confirmations can be sent containing instructions, along with reminders that can be sent in the days leading up to the event or even on the day of.

For more information, refer to this help article: Using the Volunteer Portal.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, each Donor Wrangler installation has access to the Volunteer Portal. You must enable it, however, if you wish to use it. You can turn it on or off by going to the Options page and looking for it under the System Settings tab.