Create Mail-Merge Style Letter Templates

Screenshot showing the Merge Fields feature of the letter template editor

You can make as many letter templates as you want using a mail-merge style template editor. The editor lets you insert merge fields that, when a real letter is created, will automatically fill in with information from the donor, donation, or payment.

Generate Letters as PDFs, Send as Emails, and Customize with Ease

A screenshot showing the various functions you can perform with your created letters.

Every letter can be made into a PDF that you can easily print and mail. Further, should you so desire, you can email your letters as a PDF attachment or convert the body of the letter into the body of an email.

Further, each letter can be customized to include personal touches and notes to your donor, without having to edit the master template. (See the help article “How Letters Are Created” for more information.)

Bulk Generate Letters and Download Mailing Data for Labels

A screenshot showing the "Generate All" function to create several letters at onceRather than printing one letter at a time, you can go to the Letters overview and create a single PDF for download and printing all at once. Further, you can create a CSV or XLS file containing the mailing data for each letter that’s included in the batch so that you can create mailing labels using Word.

Track Email Delivery Status

A screenshot showing the "events" for emails sent through the systemThere’s no need to guess if your donor received the emails you send them through Donor Wrangler! The status of your emails, as well as any “events” (such as the opening of an email, clicking of a link, etc.) are tracked so you know whether or not the email was received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Every letter has 3 components: a Page Layout, the Letter Template, and the Version Text. More information about these 3 components, along with a helpful visual, can be found in this help article: How Letters are Created.

Your page layout can be designed to have margins big enough to fit your pre-printed letterhead (for example, it could be offset 2 inches from the top of the page rather than the default 3/4 inch). You can also create your own design within Donor Wrangler. Refer to the help article Creating Page Layouts for more information.

Sure! We’ve created two help articles that may assist you in this regard:

Marketing emails are an add-on feature that are not included in the base price of Donor Wrangler. Pricing for the marketing emails starts at $25/month. Refer to the Marketing Emails page for more information.