Collaborate with Multiple Users

Every Donor Wrangler account includes 5 user accounts for the base subscription fee, allowing you to work together with your staff, board, external consultants, even volunteers.

Control What Each Account Can Do and See

A screenshot showing the user permissions screen

Not every user needs to be able to add or edit information to the system, and some users shouldn’t be able to see certain areas at all! Each user account you add can be restricted in its abilities to view, add/edit, and delete information within the system.

Assign Tasks to Each Other

A screenshot showing the Task Edit screen where you can assign a task to another userCollaboration goes beyond access. With the task system, you can assign tasks to the other users, ensuring that things go smoothly and needed work isn’t forgotten.

Track Who Did What and When

A screenshot of the change log, showing which user performed which actionWhen collaborating with multiple users, there are times when someone may make a change that you’re not aware of. The Change Log tracks 6 months of changes, showing exactly who changed what, and when it was changed. Changes can also be undone with the click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

The “New” and “Standard” Donor Wrangler subscriptions include 5 users in the base price. Additional user accounts beyond the 5th costs an extra $10/month per user.

If you change the access level of an account to a “Closed Account”, that user will no longer be allowed to login or change their password. Further, they will no longer count towards your 5 user allotment.