Donation Tracking


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Visual Charts of Donation History


On the donations overview page, you can see either a list view or a chart view of Donations over time, sorted by campaign.

A line graph showing donation history over time.
A screenshot of the Donation Preset creation box

Create Presets for Quick Entry

Whether you have an ongoing campaign, or a one-time event that produced many donations, it is crucial that you enter your data quickly and consistently. The Donor and Donation Preset system lets you create presets so that you can quickly fill in all of the fields aside from the actual donation amount and payment details.

Create Multi-Year Pledges

A screenshot showing the process of creating a multi-year pledge

If your organization accepts multi-year pledges, or perhaps a donor simply wants a large donation broken into multiple payments, the Donation Entry screen allows you to break the donation into any number of payments needed over whatever time frame you wish.

Create Thank You Letters as Part of Donation Entry

Save time and prevent donations from going unacknowledged by creating your thank you letter as part of the donation entry process. Donation letters can be printed for mailing, emailed as a PDF attachment, or converted into text for a plain email.

A screenshot showing the Create Letter portion of donation entry

Frequently Asked Questions

This will vary depending on your accounting software’s abilities. Different versions of Quickbooks (desktop versus online, for example) may not have CSV or XLS import functions built in by default, or may require the purchasing of an add-on.

Generally, though, as long as your software will allow you to import a CSV or XLS file, you can generate a Payment report from Donor Wrangler that includes the necessary columns in the order that your bookkeeping software prefers. Refer to our help article about the Basics of Running Reports for more information.

Self-service import of spreadsheets is not currently available. As a new customer, you can have your data imported as part of an optional onboarding service, priced at $150.

Existing customers can have one list of donors or donations imported per year at no charge. If additional imports will be needed, these will be done for a fee of $50 per import.

To allow you to enter large amounts of data yourself more quickly and easily, we encourage the use of the Donor and Donation presets functionality.