Create Secure Donation Forms for Your Donors

A view of the donation form

Donor Wrangler utilizes Stripe to securely process online donations from your donors. None of the credit card information is ever stored on our servers, just a customer ID that corresponds to the donor’s profile that is created for them in your Stripe account.

Donation Forms have a number of optional fields, such as the ability for the donor to choose to give anonymously, add a note to their donation, add an honorarium, and more.

Donors may also choose to cover the credit card transaction fees to allow you to receive their intended donation amount.

Donation Form links can be shared on any platform, including your website, social media, and newsletter.

Receive Ongoing, Sustaining Support

A view of the recurring donation options

Easily create a sustaining gifts program by allowing your donor to give the same amount on a regular basis. Forms can even be configured so that there is not a one-time giving option, but rather, the donor is specifically signing up to give a set amount every month.

Multiple Donation Form Modes

A screenshot of the product sales/ticket sales modeDonation forms can be configured in a variety of ways, including the ability to sell products or tickets as shown on the left. Another mode isĀ Long Term Pledges, where donors can agree to pay a specific larger amount, broken into monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or annual payments over an extended period of time.

Create Multiple Forms with Specific Messages and Tracking

Each form you create allows Donor Wrangler to capture and add the donor and donation information to the database in the manner you define. For example, you can have a general giving form, a form for monthly, sustaining gifts, and a form for a capital campaign. Each of these forms will have their own message shown on the landing page, and send unique thank you emails to the donors upon the completion of their donation.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is not an extra set monthly fee, but we do add what Stripe calls an “application fee” of 1%. This means that for each donation you collect through the Donation Forms, you will pay Stripe’s credit card processing fee AND a 1% fee to Donor Wrangler.

Their fees may vary depending on the credit card used and if you are registered as a non-profit. Their non-profit rates are not published; rather, you must contact their sales team to inquire about the non-profit discount. Consult the Stripe website for more information.

At this time, Stripe is the only platform we support.

At this time, no, you must instead link to the Donation Form. This allows us to ensure that the forms are within our secure environment.

Yes, we can provide customizations to the form’s appearance. Many of the customizations can be done at no charge. If the changes you desire are extensive, there is a one-time fee that will be charged, depending on the level of customization you desire. Contact our support for more information.