Overcoming Roadblocks to Success: Raise Awareness

Nonprofit organizations play a crucial role in addressing community issues and driving positive change. In order to maximize their impact, nonprofits need to raise awareness about their causes. After all, people can only support a cause if they are aware of it. This can be a real challenge for newer organizations. Use these 5 tips ...

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Appreciate Volunteers for their Value

Volunteers are contributing their time, experience, and skills to your organization. These are valuable services that nobody should ever take for granted. Independent Sector along with the Do Good Institute announced last month that the estimated national value of a volunteer hour has reached $31.80! This figure is based on information from the Bureau of ...

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Overcoming Roadblocks to Nonprofit Success: Funding

As you seek to grow your organization, the challenge of securing funding can become an ongoing challenge. Your organization needs consistent funding in order to cover operating costs, program expenses, and staff salaries. Sometimes the options appear limited, but there are several strategies that can help your organization to face this challenge. Diversify Revenue Streams ...

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Overcoming Roadblocks to Nonprofit Success: Donor Retention

Nonprofit organizations depend on donors as their support base. Donors are committed to supporting your cause and they bring financial stability to your organization by their donation. Obviously, everyone appreciates a donation, even a one-time donation. However, in order to ensure the long-term success of your nonprofit, you will want the continued support of those ...

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